Artena – Villino

Project type: Renovation of a detached single-unit house
Location: Artena (RM)
Year: 2010
Description: the much deteriorated original building was partly built in the 1940s, in the local style and with the materials typical of the area, an extension of little architectural value being added on a later date. The aim of the project was to restore the older part preserving its original features, by effectively integrating them into the rest of the building.

Winner of the Pietravera “Architect of the Year” 2011 Award.

Artena – Abitazione

Project type: New building
Location: Artena (RM)
Year: 2000-2005
Description: a luxurious country house with landscaped garden. The outdoor spaces have been designed as an extension of the indoors, the trademark clear cuts and straight lines running seamlessly from the inside out.

Artena – Residential + retail building

Project type: Renovation of a dual residential and retail building
Location: Artena (RM)
Year: 2005
Description: largely built in 1975, near the town centre, the building was then abandoned before being completed. The project aimed to extensively reshape the building to serve as a centrepiece for driving the redevelopment of the whole neighbourhood, currently dominated by buildings of little or no architectural value.

Rocca Massima – Town house

Project type: Detached single-unit house
Location: Rocca Massima (LT)
Year: 2005
Description: a challenging project built on a tiny plot of land, on the mountainside just below the historic town centre. The small irregular site inspired the concept of a “tower” house, designed to reflect and blend in with the local style of architecture.

Artena – Villa

Project type: Detached single-unit house
Location: Artena (RM)
Year: 2006
Description: a single-detached house set in the Roman countryside, in an area dominated by haphazard and poor-quality housing. The building’s colour scheme and sharp – hardly Cartesian – lines make sure that it both stands out from and nevertheless blends in with its natural and built surroundings.

Artena – Landscaping

Project type: Garden landscaping
Location: Artena (RM)
Year: 2008
Description: the garden is part of a larger project involving the construction of a villa in the Roman countryside. The concept is based on a seamless transition between the garden and the surrounding countryside, effectively achieved by using only local species of plants and trees.

Artena – Restyling Villa

Project type: Restyling and improvement of a residential building
Location: Artena (RM)
Year: 2011

originally a non-descript building dating from the 1970s, of no architectural merit, the aim of the project was to restyle the facades and the surrounding garden along more modern architectural lines, in order to enhance the building’s character. The project was entered in the “Riabita 2011” competition.

Winner of the Pietravera “Architect of the Year” 2011 Award.

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